TSNW Member Paula Tomlinson is back again, leading a group of women in training this summer in the mountains.  The culmination of this year’s fundraising climb training will either be a hike in the Enchantments (August 20) or a summit of Mount St. Helens (September 10). Climbers will either take on one or both endeavors.

Currently more than 10 climbers have signed up for this major effort. In addition, several hikers from last year’s Mount St. Helen’s climb may return for a second go after smoky conditions last summer caused difficult summiting conditions.

The Fundraising Mountain Climb has been a tradition at Team Survivor Northwest for many years. The program is a win-win, raising awareness and funds for TSNW while providing a top-notch training program for participants.

Tomlinson is a veteran climber who does a wonderful job of providing a structured training program that is safe and effective. Under her leadership, participants can reach for their very best – conquering what once may have seemed like an insurmountable goal and improving their fitness level in the process.

Please join TSNW in cheering for and supporting our climbers along the way! We are proud of their efforts. The following TSNW members are participating:

Debra Birt
Lauren Calaby
Diane Edwards
Sandi Glasow
Julie Head
Vicki Katzman
Karen Lazzara
Julie Logan Luther
Wendy McAbee
Bobby Jo Samuelson

To donate on behalf of a climber, click HERE.

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