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*Program Note: The 2022 Triathlon Training is over. Click the button below to sign up for information on the 2023 training!

Have you ever wanted to do an “-athlon” bit felt too intimidated?

This “TRYathlon” program is for you. Built and designed to help you set and meet your own goals, the training – led by Coach Denise Geroux – will help prepare you to run, walk, swim and cycle your way though any late-summer triathlon. Only want to run and cycle? That works too – you can select the areas in which you prefer to train.

Training is open to any current, fully-vaccinated TSNW members at any fitness level. You don’t need to register for an official triathlon to participate! This is a fabulous opportunity to get outside, get in shape and get motivated while surrounded by other women in this incredible community.

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Everything You Need to Know

Check out the boxes below to learn more about the TRYathlon Training Program, important dates, what to expect and more!

Informational Meetings

Join us on one of the following dates to get your questions answered before training starts:

Thursday, May 5th: 7:30-8:30pm on Zoom
Saturday, May 7th: Noon-1pm on Zoom

Training Schedule

Virtual Zoom trainings will be Thursdays from 6:00-7:00pm.

In-Person trainings will be Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30pm & Saturday from 12:00-1:30pm.

COVID protocols established by TSNW Board of Directors will be in place for in-person trainings. This means everyone needs to be cleared by the office before attending. Please reach out to Beatriz if you have questions about your status: Those attending must be a current member, have a medical release form dated 2018 or later, and submit proof of COVID booster.

How do I Join?

To participate in the Duathlon, complete the following checklist:

Step 1: Complete your 2022 Membership Form, or if you are a returning member, submit a 2022 Membership Renewal Form.

Step 2: Submit a Medical Release Form dated 2018 or later by emailing a copy to

Step 3: Upload proof of vaccination and booster here.

*If you’ve already submitted your 2022 Membership Form but did not select Tri/Duathlon Training and would like to sign up now, email Rachel at

How Intense will this be?

Athletes can self-select from two levels of training.  

Track 1 – for beginner to intermediate athletes who wish to train at a more casual level, doing the training for the first time or feeling out of shape, etc. Low to moderate intensity with a less demanding and lightly structured training outline. 

Track 2 – for intermediate athletes who wish to train at an intermediate to advanced level, have some experience with multisport events, and want to train at a moderate to hard intensity with a more intense and structured training outline. 

Do I have to do a triathlon to participate in training?

No. This is a TRYathlon—a chance to TRY your best to achieve the goal that works for you with the support of a fantastic coach and team. Your “target event” might be a Duathlon (run-bike-run), Triathlon (swim-bike-run), or an “Endurathon” of any 2 or 3 endurance sport activities (like walking, hiking, biking, running, swimming, rowing, etc.). You can be creative! 

What if I want to do a triathlon, but not by myself?

Coach Denise has signed up for the Girlfriend’s Triathlon in Vancouver, WA scheduled for August 14, 2022! TSNW does not run this event, but it can be a fun roadtrip for those who wish to participate.

What does this year’s TRYathlon training look like?

Coach Denise will be leading both live and virtual workouts to help build strength, build endurance, and practice skills to help you successfully train. Your orientation materials will include a planning sheet (where you choose your goals) and a training guide that includes information on hydration and gear.

Athletes will self-select a target event #1 for the end of June and event #2 for the end of August. Having two events allows you to set a baseline and then keep training for a personal best!

What should I expect?
  • We’ll help you improve your fitness level while teaching you useful triathlon skills.
  • We’ll provide you with a training schedule and answer your questions about triathlon races, equipment, and training.
  • You’ll get in shape, have fun, and feel the power of the TNSW community!

Coach Denise Geroux is the owner of Coach Denise Bodyworks, LLC. – offering functional personal training, group exercise classes, triathlon training and individual bodywork in modalities of massage therapy, Feldenkrais Method, Functional Integration, and more. Coach Denise brings a playful enthusiasm for educating her clients and students with humor, precision and a mastery of human body mechanics in action. A personal trainer since 2005, massage practitioner since 1994, Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1991 and an avid triathlete and triathlon coach since 2006, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all she does. When she is not leading classes and training clients online, she is chasing her cat Izzy or out hiking and climbing trees. 

“I wanted to do a triathlon but after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I put the idea on hold. A friend suggested I join Team Survivor. They offered the training, resources and support I needed to actually accomplish my goal—maybe. I was terrified of the water and unsure whether or not I could actually do a triathlon. Practice swims with other survivors helped build my confidence. When I came out of the water, my coach excitedly came up and exclaimed “you did it.” A copy of the course description and my finisher medal hangs  on my wall to remind me every time I pass by that “I did it!”

Member since 2006

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