Triathlon Training

*Training has concluded for the 2023 season.

Lower your risk of injury, improve your form, meet your fitness goals, and have a great time with friends! That’s what Triathlon Training is all about – no race required! Led by Coach Denise Geroux, this training will emphasize better body mechanics across a myriad of fitness-related activities. Training focuses on walking, running, cycling, and swimming, but what you learn can also apply to hiking or any other activity you’re pursuing. 

Training – which runs from May to August – is open to any current TSNW members at any fitness level.

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Multisport Training runs from May to August. Training focus will rotate from session to session, but all workouts include a thorough warmup focusing on balance and flexibility. Coach Denise will help you strengthen your body and improve your endurance through rotating workouts (taking place three times a week) that will challenge you while helping you operate at your best level. Beyond the basics, workouts are usually either single focus (swimming, cycling, or track) or brick workouts (combining two or more).

Safety prerequisites

Everyone, at any stage of treatment or recovery, can enjoy being together outside. However, for your safety and the safety of the group, we offer some additional guidance to help you determine when in your journey this program might be right for you. 

For most Triathlon Training sessions, beginners are welcome! Many workouts allow you to go at your own pace, and you do not need to attend every type of training to participate. There are some exceptions: 

  • Swimming (Mondays, some Saturdays): Must be able to tread water for 1 minute and swim 4 lengths of a pool (2 laps) 
  • Indoor cycling (Tuesdays): All levels
  • Track workouts (Thursdays): All levels 
  • Outdoor cycling (some Saturdays): Must be able to ride at least 6 miles

Throughout the program, you will also receive additional information about weekly workouts; at her discretion, the coach may set additional skill requirements for specific workouts/locations and will communicate that in advance. We encourage you to reach out to the coach with questions.


moderate to high

Moderate to High

coach denise geroux

coach denise geroux

Coach Denise Geroux is the owner of Coach Denise Bodyworks, LLC. – offering functional personal training, group exercise classes, triathlon training and individual bodywork in modalities of massage therapy, Feldenkrais Method, Functional Integration, and more. Coach Denise brings a playful enthusiasm for educating her clients and students with humor, precision and a mastery of human body mechanics in action. A personal trainer since 2005, massage practitioner since 1994, Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1991 and an avid triathlete and triathlon coach since 2006, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all she does. Coach Denise is also an ACSM-certified Cancer Exercise Trainer. When she is not leading classes and training clients online, she is chasing her cat Izzy or out hiking and climbing trees. 

“I wanted to do a triathlon but after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I put the idea on hold. A friend suggested I join Team Survivor. They offered the training, resources and support I needed to actually accomplish my goal—maybe. I was terrified of the water and unsure whether or not I could actually do a triathlon. Practice swims with other survivors helped build my confidence. When I came out of the water, my coach excitedly came up and exclaimed “you did it.” A copy of the course description and my finisher medal hangs  on my wall to remind me every time I pass by that “I did it!”

- Sharon

TSNW Member since 2006

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