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*Due to the pandemic, our classes have been modified. CLICK HERE for more information on our online classes.

Pilates is a form of conditioning that builds strength and flexibility with a strong focus on alignment, breath, and mindfulness. Each week, we’ll use traditional Pilates apparatus (arc barrel and reformer) and other fitness tools (suspension ropes, BOSU® and ball) to provide a full body workout. Each class will consist of three 20 minute segments on a different pieces of equipment so there will be variety each week.

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We are so excited to announce a new class specifically offered to Team Survivor Northwest members only. This is a wonderful opportunity to get access to state of the art Pilates equipment and instructors. No previous experience is required. All skill levels are welcome. Your instructor can provide modifications to the exercises to accommodate everyone’s strengths, injuries and energy level.

There is space for 6 participants in each class so we encourage reservations by clicking HERE. Or you can also make reservations via the MindBody app. To download MindBody visit HERE. Once downloaded scroll down till you find the TeamSurvivor Northwest Class and select Book to guarantee your space in the class.


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Wednesdays at 12:00 pm


Janet Sunderland

Soma Pilates
16640 Cleveland St. Suite B
Redmond, WA 98052

“When I learned I had cancer, my world changed. The hardest part was thinking about telling my family. I’ve always put others first. I wondered if they could make it without me. Then, I realized people with this make it all the time. That’s when I decided to join Team Survivor Northwest. Exercise was foreign to me but I knew it was important to good health. The exercise programs and activities I participated in helped me to see that I am not a victim but someone who could overcome this awful disease.”

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