Outdoor Programs 2022

Join Team Survivor Northwest’s 2022 Outdoor Programs! To ensure the safety of all of our members, we follow CDC and TSNW Board recommendations regarding COVID-19. For those who are not vaccinated or wish to exercise from home, our online fitness classes will continue. To participate in an in-person outdoor program, complete the following checklist:

Step 1: Complete your 2022 Membership Form, or if you are a returning member, submit a 2022 Membership Renewal Form by clicking the buttons below.

Step 2: Submit a Medical Release Form dated 2018 or later by emailing a copy to operations@teamsurvivornw.org.

Step 3: Upload proof of vaccination and booster using the button below. Participants need only submit this once.

Register for activities below. 

If you have any questions, please contact operations@teamsurvivornw.org.


intensity level: moderate

New to group riding? Haven’t ridden your bike in awhile? Join Cycling with TSNW and come on out and ride! Rides will take place once or twice a week during the summer. Rides begin in late May and are generally held on Sundays at noon.

TRiathlon Training


Have you ever wanted to do an “-athlon” but felt too intimidated? This TRYathlon training is unique and built for anyone! You can walk, run, cycle or consider this a multisport training and Coach Denise will help you set your own goals with swimming, rowing, etc. Weekly in-person trainings take place Tuesdays (6pm) and Saturdays (12pm). Virtual trainings are held on Thursdays (6pm).

mid-week hiking

intensity level: moderate to High

Join us for trail hikes in the mountains, where you will enjoy breathtaking scenery and good exercise. Hikes are designed to be progressive, increasing in distance and elevation gain as the season advances. Wednesday hikes are faster paced and will gain elevation faster. Hikes will range between 5 miles and 450 feet elevation gain, up to 13 miles and 2600 feet elevation gain toward the end of the season. Thursday hikes will stop frequently based on the pace of the group and take time to pick berries, observe plants/animals, and even swim when the weather and hike permit. The Thursday hike list might include a few of the same hikes as the Wednesday group, but we will plan to take longer to complete them if so. Hikes occur in the Issaquah Alps, I-90 corridor and Snoqualmie Pass area, North Cascades and Mt. Rainier National Park. Participants may meet at pre-designated carpool locations and times to drive to the trail head. Hikes often begin in the morning.

Dragon boating

INTENSITY: moderate to high

Dragon boating is a team sport that is appropriate for all fitness levels. No experience is required and equipment is provided. Our team, Survivor SAKE, paddles under the umbrella organization Seattle SAKE Paddling Club. New paddlers can join 3 practices before deciding to become a member of SAKE, which requires a reduced annual $90 membership fee (scholarships available: operations@teamsurvivornw.org). Because we are all moving the boat together, beginners are able to rest when needed and still stay with the group. Coaches, captains and experienced Survivor paddlers teach, orient, and support each other. Practices are held year-round on Saturdays at 8:45 am and Tuesday evenings.

NOTE: New to paddling? Let us know your interest and we’ll connect you with the co-captains, who know how much space there is on the boat(s), etc. 

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