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Are you a walker, runner, biker, paddler, snowshoer, hiker, or general fitness enthusiast? Team Survivor Northwest offers activities for women in all stages of cancer treatment and recovery. Programs are no cost to our members and appropriate for women in all levels of fitness. Our Outreach Manager and Fitness Instructors can help you choose a program that suits your interests and needs. For more information, contact our Office Manager in the TSNW office at or (206)732-8350.

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All of the activities on our Programs page are tagged with a meter to let you know how much effort may be involved. Be sure to check with your doctor that you are undertaking the right level of activity for your current health level.

meter pointing to the low end of the scale


Gentle exercise may involve light stretching and activity that won’t raise your heart rate above 100 bpm.

meter pointing to the middle of the scale


Moderate exercise may get your heart pumping, but will generally allow you to carry on a normal conversation

meter pointing to the high end of the scale


Vigorous activity may require endurance and is intense enough that normal conversation is not possible.


group of nordic walkers

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a great fitness workout for people who are looking for a fun physical activity, convenience and comradery.
woman doing yoga on a mat

Active Women/Healthy Women

Women of all fitness levels are encouraged to join these certified-instructor-led classes designed especially for cancer survivors.
group of nordic walkers

Urban Walking

If you are new or returning to walking for exercise, this program will get you started and on your way to better health.
pilates students lined up with feet on exercise balls

Soma Pilates Class

Pilates is a form of conditioning that builds strength and flexibility with a strong focus on alignment, breath, and mindfulness.
group of nordic walkers

Triathlon Training

For many of our members this is their first time doing a triathlon! This fun and empowering program meets seasonally, trains women to swim 0.5 miles, cycle 12.4 miles, run or walk 3.1 miles, and make efficient transitions.

group of nordic walkers

Dragon Boating

If you are looking for a team activity that allows you to get away from it all without leaving the city, get a total body workout, and enjoy the camaraderie of a great group of women, dragon boating may be for you! The competitive Dragon Boat season runs from April-September, with off-season practice year round.

group of nordic walkers


Hiking is the perfect  seasonal exercise for cancer survivors combining fresh air, vigorous physical activity and comaraderie.

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