Note: Kilter has announced that it will not be bringing back the Miles for Meaning Challenge for 2023. We are searching to find an equally rewarding challenge in which to participate this year! Stay tuned for more details.

Miles for Meaning 2022 was a whopping success! Thanks to the efforts of our participants, our collective teams logged an unbelievable 19,774 miles in just 31 days! That mileage was enough to land us in 3rd place overall (out of 120 teams). Additionally, our teams and supporters raised a total of $18,350 for Team Survivor – money that will fund, maintain and improve our life-changing health and fitness programs for women with a cancer diagnosis.


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What gear do I need?

All you need is a smart phone and a free app. Apps like Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Strava, Apple Health, & Under Armour (MapMyRun) will connect to Kilter to show your miles. Then your workout will automatically upload. A fitness watch is not required, but should work great if you have one that can start and stop an exercise!

How Do I Set Up Kilter & Join the Team?

First step is to get the Kilter app set up and working on your phone. You can watch this video tutorial or read the steps:

  1. Download the Kilter app (iOS/Android)
  2. Create your account & complete your profile
  3. Connect your device
    • Note: Kilter itself is not directly measuring your exercise, it is connected to a 2nd app (a fitness device or a fitness tracker app on your phone).
    • If you do not have a device you already use to track workouts/distance, you can download one of the listed options onto your phone and walk/run/etc. with your phone. (You do not need a fitness watch, but can easily use one if you have one.)
    • If you are using your phone to track your workout and you have not previously used one of the options listed, we recommend trying MapMyRun (UnderAmour) or Strava (both free).
    • Once you have a tracking device uploaded on your phone, then you will be able to connect that device to Kilter.
    •  If asked, click “Allow All” when prompted so that the data comes through and your workouts get counted.
  4. Visit EVENTS (bottom left) and locate the Miles For Meaning campaign in EXPLORE
  5. Click join, then search our team: Team Survivor Northwest 
    • Once you are connected to a team, you can see your own team, see other teams, compare points, etc.
Help! My Points Are Not Showing!

Connecting two apps can be complicated. Please refer to the list of guidelines if you are having trouble:

  1. Make sure your tracking app is connected to Kilter: Check under “Profile” (bottom right corner) then “Connect Devices” and there should be a red “Disconnect” next to the app that you are using. That means you’re connected. You can only connect to ONE device for your miles to count – if you’re connected to more than one you will be disqualified.
  2. You need to start/stop an activity for it to count. They are only counting intentional workouts, not steps. So the start/stop is important. To see how to do this with your app, click here.
  3. If you are tracking fine, but you don’t seem to be connected to our team, see steps 4 & 5 of “How do I set up Kilter & Join the Team?” above.
  4. If you have done all of the steps above and turned off your phone and reopened the app, but Kilter still isn’t showing your points, see the contact info below.

Please note:

  • There is often a time gap between your workout and the data showing in Kilter. If 12 hours after your workout, the data is still not there, the connection may not be working.
  • If you completed a workout and it didn’t count it, get connected and then take a screen shot of your tracking app where it shows miles of an activity. Email it to If you show a specific workout, they will manually enter it and you will still receive the points.
  • Apple Health will only give you points if you have the watch. This is because the phone app doesn’t have a start/stop option. If you use Apple Health and not the watch, you will need to download another free app (try Strava or MapMyRun/Under Armour).
  • Google Fit shows up as an option on Kilter but has not been working. We recommend Strava or MapMyRun/Under Armour instead.

Tech Support: If you are struggling with a technical issue, you have two options:

  • Email Jessica at and include your phone number.
  • Email Kilter at
What are the Rules?
  • Activities that count for points are: walking, running, hiking, cycling & rolling (wheelchair).
  • The points structure is as follows:
    1-mile walk, run, hike, roll etc. = 100 points 
    3-mile bike ride = 100 points
  • You must start and stop your activities for them to count.
  • One connected device only. This ensures a fair and accurate accounting of all miles tracked.
  • You can start and stop an activity multiple times a day for more points if you would like to break things up.
  • You cannot enter workouts manually. (With a $30,000 prize, they want to be sure there is no cheating.)
How many people can join the team survivor northwest team?

There are up to 100 people allowed on each team (to keep things fair for smaller organizations competing against national organizations). If we exceed 100 participants, don’t stress – we will create a second team to accommodate the demand!

Who Can Join?

This event is open to ALL supporters who want to be active and help women who have had a cancer diagnosis. We encourage you to include your friends & family so they can run for a good cause! They can register through Team Survivor Northwest by clicking on this link:

How Can I Follow My Teammates?

You can see the list of all of the members on our team and their points by clicking on “Teams” on the Leaderboard, then click on Team Survivor Northwest. You can also see who is in the lead with collecting donations by selecting “raised” instead of “score”.

You can “connect” with friends by clicking on their name on our team leaderboard, then click “follow”. When you go to “feed” and “connections” You will see their activity and you can give them a “You Rock” note by clicking on the Kilter rocks, encouraging them to do it again!

Will we have any virtual team events?

The Team Survivor kick-off event is set for 7pm on February 24th. You will receive a Zoom link once you register. Please make sure you are set up on the Kilter app before the event, so we can help you troubleshoot any issues. The final celebration will take place April 5th at 7pm.

How Do I Donate or Fundraise to Support the Cause?

In addition to a healthy fitness competition, this is also an opportunity for your friends and family to support your goals and donate to TSNW, whose mission is to support your health. We know that everyone will bring different strengths to this team. Some will be stronger at adding miles and some will be stronger at fundraising – and that’s why we are a team. We need all strengths! Fundraising is not required, but it is encouraged. The recommended goal for each participant is $300 in donations, but you can set a goal that you feel is realistic for you. This is easy with the Kilter app that sends invites and tracks donations so you can see who donated and personally thank them.

Request support from your friends & family who want to see you hit your goals and keep you healthy! Use Kilter’s “Get Donations” button to ask people to donate based on your achievements.

100% of contributions will be donated to Team Survivor Northwest (there is an option to add a tip to Kilter to cover their charges).

Want to share a 2-minute video about Team Survivor Northwest with your friends? Share this:

What Are the Prizes?

1st Place: $30,000 Donation: The team with most miles logged from March 1-31 will be crowned the winner!
2nd-5th Place: $1,000 Donation
6th-25th Place: $500 Donation

$1,000 Mini-Challenge Donation Prizes:

  • Highest Team Fundraising Total (x2) – End of March 7, 2022 
  • Opportunity Drawing @ Opening Ceremony – March 1, 2022
  • Highest Team Fundraising Total (x3) – April 2, 2022

$500 Opportunity Drawing Mini-Challenge Donation Prizes:

  • Captain’s Webinar Comment Challenge – February 17, 2022
  • Any team that raises $2,000 by March 15 will be entered (x2) – March 15, 2022
  • Any team that raises $4,000 by March 31 will be entered (x2) – March 31, 2022
  • Book an annual strategy meeting in March – March 1 – 31, 2022
  • Best Comment Captain’s Survey Response – March 28 – 31, 2022
  • Best Comment Participant Survey Response – March 28 – 31, 2022

$500 Opportunity Drawing Social Mini-Challenge Donation Prizes (tag Kilter & hashtag #mfm22 to be entered):

  • Funnest Running Outfit (x2) – March 1 – 7, 2022
  • ‘What’s Your Why’ Social Submission (x2) – March 7 – 14, 2022
  • Furry (or Scaley) Mileage Friend (x2) – March 14 – 21, 2022
  • Most Scenic Mileage Outing (x2) – March 21 – 28, 2022

Kilter Swag Opportunities:

  • Top 25 Mile Leaders & Top 25 Fundraisers will win a Kilter winter beanie
  • Donate at least $10 anytime throughout the month for a Kilter sticker

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