Are You a Member Who is Passionate About TSNW?

TSNW Needs You!

As members that benefit from TSNW everyday – you are also our most passionate supporters.

We need the team to unite together now and achieve our mission – to reach as many women surviving cancer as possible. The empowerment and inspiration that TSNW provides is something that needs to be shared.

It takes more than passion and dedication for an organization like this to thrive – it also takes funding.

As most of you know, our largest fundraiser of the year is the annual Fall Gala. It’s a big effort – with a lot of moving parts – but as a team – together, we can make it happen!

Please volunteer to join the Gala team and help with this critical effort. We know that we have many talented and skilled women from all walks of life – and we need you.

Sign up today – and as a team, we can make this our most successful Gala ever!

Click HERE for information about specific roles and positions needed.

To sign up – please contact Lisa Black at: by June 6th.

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