Team Survivor Northwest has on-going needs for volunteers from tabling at various events on behalf of the organization to helping organize events and programs.

Do you want to get involved? CLICK HERE to let us know what interests you and we can work to find jobs or roles that suit your passion!

TSNW relies on the generosity of volunteers to serve its hundreds of members. Thank you so much to the troop of steadfast volunteers who have helped make TSNW what it is today!


Look no further. We have plenty of volunteer opportunities to choose from. You may be interested in being in volunteering with the gala, being on a committee, doing office work, or even leading a program – whatever your interest, we want to help you find the right match. Click here to let us know your skills, interests and time availability.

Current volunteers

Are you a current volunteer who would like to log your hours? Click here.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can also email the Member & Volunteer Coordinator at mvpcoordinator@teamsurvivornw.org. Include your name, phone number and event or program you would like to volunteer for. Or, if you are interested in helping out with outreach please make sure to state that as well. 

Check back here for updates on new volunteer opportunities. We will be posting details of upcoming event and program needs below and on Facebook. Like our FB page to see opportunities as they come in (in real time). We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

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