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Looking for ways to participate? Whether you’d like to donate your time or money, join an exercise group, or find another way to get involved, we’ve got you covered.

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Becoming a Team Survivor Northwest member is completely free, and the required first step for participating in all of our exercise programs for women cancer survivors.

Team Survivor Northwest relies on the support and generosity of numerous individuals and corporations in order to provide quality fitness and health education program for women cancer

Volunteers are essential to many of the programs and special events at Team Survivor Northwest. Looking for a way to contribute? We have plenty of volunteer opportunities to choose from.

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- July 26, 2021

TSNW provides fitness programs at no cost to our members. Consider what you'd spend on a monthly gym membership - giving even a portion of that amount back to Team Survivor will help improve our programs for you, as well as for those who couldn't otherwise afford to participate!

- July 22, 2021

“I feel like Team Survivor has opened my horizons to what I can do, and safely without hurting myself and making myself worse off. The community that we build, even over Zoom, is incredible.” -Cami Sustainers like Cami help us build a sense of community with and for our members.


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