Our 2023 in-person Fitness Retreat was a weekend filled with friendship, empowerment, and inspiration! Our theme this year was Growing Stronger Together, and after two years of virtual retreats, we were pleased to gather together once again and spread our leaves out to soak in that special community connection that makes our annual retreat one of the most beloved events of the year. The retreat took place at beautiful IslandWood on Bainbridge Island.

The event included powerful speakers, exciting fitness classes, and special opportunities to nourish new and old friendships and watch them bloom. We are grateful to those who made the weekend so special and cannot wait to do it all again next year!

preparing for your stay

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The deadline to register is Monday, February 20th.

Refunds are also available until February 20th.


Proof of COVID vaccination is required at the time of registration. All attendees are asked to take an at-home COVID test within 12 hours of departure. Masks are not required, but we encourage you to pack one just in case. Unfortunately, you cannot come if you test positive or if you have symptoms. We understand that we are in the middle of cold and flu season, and some symptoms (like a cough) tend to linger longer than they are contagious. You are clear to attend and with a mask if you have residual symptoms that are at least 10 days from the onset of your symptoms. (This is 5 days longer than the CDC recommends in an effort to be extra cautious.)

What to pack

In addition to your usual overnight items, please make sure you have the following:

  • Water bottle
  • Exercise clothes and shoes
  • Change of warm clothes for the evening
  • Pajamas
  • Yoga mat with name on it (to be used in variety of classes beside yoga) [we will have a few extra if you do not own a yoga mat]
  • Small hand towel (for cardio classes)
  • Layers for warmth
  • Optional: If you are taking a class like Strength Training, you can bring your own weights (some 1-8lb weights will also be provided)
  • Optional: a favorite game to play with smaller groups on Saturday evening
  • Optional: cash or card if you would like to purchase wine or beer on Saturday evening

Please note:

  • All bedding and bath towels will be provided by Islandwood.
  • Islandwood highly recommends that you keep your packing to one small overnight bag. You will be required to carry your bag to your rooms so please do not weigh yourself down with too much stuff.
  • Due to the sensitivities of those who have gone through chemo treatment, Team Survivor has a policy that prohibits scented products in order to provide a comfortable, scent-free environment for all members. Please do NOT pack scented products. Thank you!
  • DO NOT bring food or alcohol, which Islandwood does not allow. Islandwood is providing us with plenty of food (full meals and snacks) and a cash bar on Saturday evening.
When to arrive & driving directions to Islandwood

The address for IslandWood is 4450 Blakely Avenue NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. Check-in for the event is from 10:00-10:45 on Saturday morning. Please plan accordingly and do not arrive before 10:00 unless you are a volunteer.

Plan for your ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge. Click here to see the ferry schedule. We recommend catching the 8:55 or 9:35 ferry to Bainbridge Island. You must come by car as Uber/Lift is not an option there and the buses do not run on Saturday. If you did not receive the carpool list, but would like to, please email operations@teamsurvivornw.org.

Take the Washington State Ferry to Bainbridge Island from the Coleman Dock at: 801 Alaskan Way Pier 52 Seattle, WA 98104

From the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal:

  • Drive up the hill from the ferry to the second stoplight, turn left onto Winslow Way.
  • At the next 4-way stop, turn right onto Madison Avenue and continue to the next 4-way stop at Wyatt Way.
  • Turn left onto Wyatt Way.
  • Continue on Wyatt, rounding the back of Eagle Harbor (water will be to your left).
  • The road will fork; take the right fork up the hill, following the signs to Port Blakely. You are now on Blakely Avenue.
  • Continue straight on Blakely Avenue. In approximately 1 mile you’ll see Blakely Elementary School on your left.
  • IslandWood is at the first driveway on your left after Blakely Elementary School. Turn left into IslandWood driveway. The street address is 4450 Blakely Avenue NE.
  • Continue on the wooded driveway up the hill. Bear left to the parking area. Follow pathway and signs to the Welcome Center.
Check-in/Check-out process

It takes approximately 10 minutes to get from the ferry terminal to IslandWood. You can arrive at IslandWood anytime between 10:00am-10:45am. Both the 8:55 and 9:35 ferries should allow you to arrive during this window. If you arrive too early, just stop for coffee in the cute town of Bainbridge Island before you come to IslandWood.

When you arrive at IslandWood, follow signs to Arrivals Shelter (to the right). If a cart is needed, unload your bags into a cart and then park your car (to the left). Pick up your cart and follow signs to the Welcome Center, where you will check-in. Room keys will be handed out at the Welcome Center upon arrival (please hold on to these as Islandwood will charge for lost keys). We will give you a TSNW tote bag filled with some important items for your day, and then you will be able to leave your overnight bags in your rooms and return for our 11:00am start in the Great Room.

Room check-out is Sunday, March 5, at 9:30 am. Bring your keys (very important!) and your bags to the Welcome Center.

If you would like to leave a phone number for your family to contact you in case of emergency, the number at Islandwood is 206-855-4300.

If you have any difficulties during your stay, you can also call Jennefer (TSNW Executive Director) at 917-673-9712 or Beatriz (TSNW Operations Manager) at 425-999-9015.

Map of Islandwood

Click here to see a map of IslandWood.

Note: If you need to take a break at any point, close to the main events, there is a Wellness Room in the Welcome Center, where you can lay down or just take a breath on your own for as long as you need.


Below is the schedule for the weekend. Click on the break-out sessions to see options.


10:00-10:45 Check-in to rooms / Light Refreshments
10:15-10:45 new member social

Is this your first TSNW Retreat? You are not alone! Join us for light refreshments and a chance to socialize with other new members before we kick off the weekend.

11:00-11:10 Welcome: "Growing Stronger Together"
11:10-12:00 KeyNote Speaker: Bridgette Richardson Hempstead

Hear from Bridgette Hempstead, founder of Cierra Sisters, Inc. – an African American breast cancer organization that uniquely provides support, education, and advocacy for women’s breast and health issues. Bridgette will share experiences of Black women facing cancer, and provide ideas of how we as a community can support one another and grow stronger together.

12:00-12:15 Group Picture
12:30-1:30 Lunch
2:00-2:50 Fitness Breakout Session

Naturalist Hike (Low Intensity), IslandWood Specialist: Explore IslandWood’s unique ecosystems and cultural history on a guided hike with a staff naturalist. Learn about the different uses of plants from the smallest fungus to the tallest tree.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Moderate Intensity), Michelle Tibbs: Vinyasa Yoga connects movement and breath to allow practitioners to flow smoothly between poses. Ceneter yourself and explore a variety of yoga poses for balance, strength, and cardiovascular wellness. We will use a combination of floor and standing poses.

Dance Fitness Fusion (Moderate to High Intensity), Kris Rooke: Break a sweat to a combo of fun and easy-to-learn movements set to music you know and love! Add strength, grace, and balance to make this unique workout even more effective. Come with an open mind and willingness to try something new and exciting.

Bodyweight HIIT (High Intensity), Denise Geroux: Bodyweight HIIT is a full-body strength and cardio combo class that can be modified for your level of fitness but is intended for those who want to breathe hard and sweat! Get your heart rate up as we work through sets of moderate- to high-intensity moves (including core) and end with a good cooldown.

3:00-3:50 Speaker Breakout session

Brianna Van Den Adel, MS, LCGC. Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer: The What, Where, When, Why, and How. Genetic testing has evolved rapidly over the last few decades and is now often part of routine cancer care.  Genetic test results can be used to guide decision-making for cancer surveillance, allowing individuals to be proactive about screening for cancer and even reducing their risks for developing cancer. This presentation will answer your questions about when and why someone may consider genetic testing, what it can tell you about your risks, and how you can go about scheduling a visit with a genetic counselor to start the process.

Satya Peterson. Young Survivors: Navigating Cancer at a Young Age. Cancer at any age is difficult.  Experiencing cancer as a younger person (20’s, 30’s, 40’s) has unique challenges and concerns, whether it is questions about working or going to school during treatment, impacts of treatment on your sex life and relationships, or what fertility may look like after cancer treatment.  For this break out session, please join Satya for a co-created discussion around concerns for those who have undergone a young cancer diagnosis.

Hannah Gaba, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA. Lymphedema: Risk Reduction, Effective Treatment, and Successful Lifelong Management.

3:50-4:20 Socializing & Snack
4:30 – 5:20 Fitness/Craft Breakout Session

Tai Chi Flow (Low Intensity), Denise Geroux: Tai Chi Flow will focus on grounding, releasing stress, gentle movement, and breathing exercises. A blend of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong exercises, this unique practice will help you develop your own “body feel” of Tai Chi and experience the flow of your own Chi life energy.

Strength Training(Moderate Intensity), LaTaunya Witherspoon: Join us for a full-body workout focusing on strength and balance. All levels are welcome as we hit a variety of exercises for the large muscle groups. We will have some sets of weights (1-8lbs) available for use. You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Zumba (Moderate to High Intensity), Sellyna Ehlers: A world beat workout where you will dance with friends and burn calories without even realizing it! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

Wool Felt Succulents (Craft), Beatriz Palacio. Whether your home is filled with living plants or you can’t keep a plant alive, this craft session will allow you to add a bright, personal touch to your home during the gray Seattle winters. Learn how to make a cute succulent plant out of wool felt and plant it in a small planter that you can take home with you.

5:30 – 6:00 TSNW Programs 101: Grow with us!

Learn a little about each program, ask questions, register for new programs if interested, and socialize!

6:00 – 7:00 Dinner
7:15 – 8:15 Evening activity - Active or calming

Sound Bath Relaxation with Kimberly Kelly. Sound baths are a passive form of healing. All that is required of you is to lie back, close your eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of crystal sound bowls singing around you. As vibration moves through the body, your nervous system and energetic body become more balanced. *Please bring a pillow and blanket.

Dance Church. Dance Church is an all-levels movement class that offers a fun and inclusive approach to dancing! Designed for people of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and abilities, Dance Church is a fabulous way to express yourself through movement. The teacher leads the class in a series of movement cues, accompanied by a curated playlist of multi-genre pop music. The format is open but guided throughout. No previous training is required, but open-mindedness is a prerequisite!

8:15 – 9:15 S’mores / Games / Socializing / Relaxing

S’mores will be outside, so please wear extra layers. Games will be indoors in smaller groups (feel free to bring a favorite game!). Additionally, the IslandWood living facilities have large common rooms with beautiful fire places. It’s the perfect cozy spot for reading or doing a puzzle or just hanging out. Wear your comfy clothes, throw on your slippers, bring your knitting or a good book and relax at the end of the day in front of the fire!


7:00 – 7:50 Restorative yoga with michelle tibbs

Start your day off with a nourishing yoga practice focused on active relaxation. Stretch and release the effort of yesterday’s fitness sessions and prepare for another day of connection and movement. Please bring a yoga mat (We will have a limited number of mats for those who do not own one).

8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast
9:00-9:30 Check-out
9:30 – 10:20 Speaker breakout session

Dr. Hanna Hunter, MD. Return to Exercise: A Personalized Pacing Plan. Returning to exercise during and after cancer treatment can have long-lasting benefits beyond improving strength and fitness. Side effects of cancer treatment, as well as the physical and cognitive changes that can occur during treatment, often need to be addressed alongside a tailored exercise prescription. An individualized exercise program can include pacing and energy conservation strategies, strength training and aerobic activity. 

Dr. Lisa Price, ND. The Cancer Fighting Pantry. Turn food into one of your weapons against cancer. In this interactive presentation, Dr. Price will help you assess your dietary patterns and learn how to build your pantry to be a cancer fighting pantry, based on known mechanisms of action from hundreds of peer reviewed studies. Learn about the three predominant diet types in this country, take a quiz to know under which category you fall, then gain insight into the macro and micronutrients in specific foods that you’ll want to keep in stock. 

10:30 - 11:20 Fitness/Writing Breakout Session

Stretch, Tone, Smile (Low Intensity), Kris Rooke: Stretch and tone the main zones of your body (Upper/Mid/Lower) with this low-intensity workout. Who says working out can’t be fun too? Throughout the session we hope to see you smile when you realize what you can accomplish.

Stick Fighting (Moderate Intensity), Denise Geroux: In this introduction to Filipino Single Stick Fighting, you will learn striking angles, run rhythm and flow drills with a partner, and receive guidance on how to apply self-defense techniques. Come and play in a non-threatening, fun exploration of the fundamentals that underlie the use of all weaponry. Sticks will be provided to borrow or purchase. 

Zumba Toning (Moderate to High Intensity), Sellyna Ehlers: Perfect for those who want to party, but put extra emphasis on toning and sculpting to define those muscles! Toning sticks or light weights will help you focus on specific muscle groups, so you (and your muscles) stay engaged!

HIIT (High Intensity), Kim Brasfield: Break a sweat with a complete, total-body workout. This fast-paced, explosive class features a warmup, core, upper- and lower-body work and a blast of cardio set to some sweet 80s tunes. Move your body and burn excess fat while having fun too! Be sure to bring a water bottle and towel.

Love Letters (Writing Workshop), Mary Gomez Camba: Mary’s writing workshop has been a favorite in the past and she is excited to lead another session. “Stories are what inspire humans to move outside their comfort zone and accomplish great things.” Mary is a master photographer, business coach, and a youth visual storytelling mentor. She has given a TED talk on the magic of serendipity and how, ultimately, we have the power to write our stories by getting involved and taking action. Mary will teach basic techniques to help you get started on your own storytelling journey with an exercise of observation and retrospect. In this workshop, you will be guided in writing a love letter to your past, present, or future self.

11:30 – 12:00 Concluding speaker: Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson. On the Other Side of Fear there is Growth. Lisa will share her story of fighting cancer and climbing the world’s tallest mountains. She will share what cancer and mountains have taught her and that we are all stronger and more resilient than we will ever know.

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch
1:00 – 1:30 Break (/departure for those not hiking)
1:30 – 3:30 Optional Hike

Forest Hike. Enjoy a hike through the beautiful forest among towering Douglas-fir, Western redcedar, and Hemlock. View the bog and ravine habitat from the treehouses as you learn about a forest habitat deeply connected to and shaped by the people of Bainbridge Island.

Canopy Tower Hike. Take a vigorous hike down to the ravine, cross the suspension bridge, and ascend the 120ft canopy tower to get a new perspective on your surroundings. This is great for people that want to challenge themselves.

1:30 – 3:30 Departure

Ferries depart Bainbridge Island for Seattle at 1:20, 2:10, 3:00 & 3:55. Click here for the full schedule.

Check out a preview of the fabulous 2023 lineup of speakers and instructors below! More information coming soon.


Click on the name of the speaker to read their bio.

halle hutchison
Bridgette richardson Hempstead

Bridgette Hempstead is the founder and executive officer of Cierra Sisters, Inc. – an African American breast cancer organization that uniquely provides support, education, and advocacy for women’s breast and health issues. Bridgette’s personal, hands-on approach has and is changing the lives of women across the country.

Her determination to educate and empower others comes out of her own experience with breast cancer. A multi-time breast cancer survivor, Bridgette received her diagnosis on her 35th birthday. At that time, she found no resources for African American women. Therefore, she became the solution, and Cierra Sisters, Inc. was born. She found that women’s fear of breast cancer was due largely to the lack of knowledge and extreme racism in the world of medicine. Cierra Sisters takes the fear out of the word cancer and replaces it with knowledge – ultimately resulting in personal empowerment.

Bridgette is a keynote public speaker, conference developer, and research advocate with a host of community-building talents. Her past trips to Africa – including stops in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria – have given her the opportunity to globally spread these lifesaving messages.

Bridgette has developed a breast health, evidence-based curriculum that community members can understand and share within their network.

halle hutchison
Brianna Van Den Adel, MS, LCGC

Brianna is a genetic counselor with the Hereditary Cancer Clinic at the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle. She has been practicing with the clinic for two years. Her genetic counseling training was completed at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Brianna’s goal as a genetic counselor is to provide patients with the education and tools that they need to make the best decisions for their care, because she believes that patients are the experts of themselves. She was raised in a small town in northern British Columbia and is passionate about providing education and advocating for healthcare in underserved regions. She spends her free time practicing hot yoga, baking sweets with extra vanilla beans, and participating in anything musical.

halle hutchison
Satya Peterson

Satya Peterson (she/her) facilitates a monthly peer support group for young people with breast cancer as part of Young Survival Coalition, which offers a variety of support services to young breast cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers. Satya is currently pursuing her Master’s in Counseling at Antioch University Seattle after a successful career in project management. She is passionate about supporting people in exploring and being their authentic selves and helping them to navigate life’s challenges in pursuit of their own definitions of wellness and fulfillment. In her future work she hopes to support gender expansive people, LGBTQIA folks, and those navigating cancer diagnoses.

halle hutchison
Hannah Gaba, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

Hannah Gaba is a physical therapist at Fred Hutch who has always been interested in the science of the human body and its healing abilities. “I was active with athletics growing up and experienced a few injuries personally,” she says. ” I felt called to learn more about this and as I learned more about the field of physical therapy, it felt like a perfect fit and that it would be a very rewarding and fulfilling career.”

After Hannah received her lymphedema specialty certification, she started working with cancer patients on a more regular basis. “I was so moved at the spirit and courage of these patients, no matter what they were facing, I just became closely drawn to this patient population and knew I wanted to continue this work and improve my clinical knowledge and skills to best serve this population,” she says.

Hannah has been working at Fred Hutch since 2012. In the future, she hopes to see continued efforts of early detection and prevention so as to provide the best possible prognosis for all patients faced with a cancer diagnosis.

When she is not working with her patients, Hannah enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and dog. She also can be found running, hiking, camping and checking out new restaurants and breweries.

halle hutchison
Dr. Hanna Hunter, MD

Dr. Hanna Hunter is the medical director of oncology rehabilitation at the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. She graduated from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School prior to her residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia/Cornell. Dr. Hunter is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and completed a fellowship in Cancer Rehabilitation at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

Dr. Hunter works closely with oncologists as well as a team of physical, occupational, speech and lymphedema therapists to create a holistic rehabilitation plan. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurologic changes that can occur from cancer and its treatment. Dr. Hunter treats patients throughout their cancer journey, whether it is creating an exercise plan to optimize strength before a surgery (pre-habilitation) or restoring strength during survivorship. 

halle hutchison
Dr. Lisa Price, ND

Dr. Lisa Price is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with expertise in complementary cancer care, and culinary nutrition during cancer treatment through survivorship. She guides patients in finding the best foods and supplementation that reduce short and long term side effects, as well as advising on which supplements and foods to avoid.

A National Institute of Health (NIH), National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Fellow (2005-2010), she is also an author, radio host, lecturer and an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University. She studied microbial biochemistry as an undergraduate and as a Master of Science student in New York, and graduated from the prestigious Bastyr University in 1998, with honors in counseling.

As an adjunct faculty at Bastyr from 2003 to current, she has taught a variety of clinical and academic courses including biochemistry to Master of Science candidates in Nutrition from 2012 to 2015. Her classes focus on the physiological effects of nutrients as well as standard biochemistry concepts as they relate to health. She has served as a mentor to students in both clinical and laboratory settings.

She is the co-author of Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery (Demos Health 2015), which sold over 20,000 copies its first year, with current sales of over 45,000. She is also the author of two books published in 2019.

With an NIH research fellow in immunology and oncology, Dr. Price has published peer-reviewed scientific papers and abstracts, written many articles on health and nutrition, and has presented her findings at scientific conferences.

For over a decade, Dr. Price has actively served cancer patients and teamed with oncologists in cancer centers in the Pacific Northwest including Swedish Cancer Center, Multicare Cancer Center, Northwest Specialty Clinics in Hematology and Oncology, to deliver excellent, holistic care.

halle hutchison
Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is an accomplished mountaineer who has stood on top of the highest mountains on every continent, including Mt. Everest.

Lisa was diagnosed with DCIS in 2015, seven months before her first Himalayan climb. Cancer provoked Lisa to examine her relationships, career, and priorities. Through cancer she realized that we all hold the ability to create the lives that we want for ourselves. It may be daunting, and we will stumble, but on the other side of fear there is growth.

Lisa shares her journey with cancer and climbing in her new book: Finding Elevation: Fear and Courage on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain.

She has taken everything that she learned in the mountains and today coaches aspiring climbers to achieve their climbing goals. Last summer she helped Team Survivor’s courageous climbers reach the summit of Mt. St. Helen’s.


Click on the name of the instructor to read their bio.

halle hutchison
Michelle Tibbs

Michelle is a breast cancer survivor and has been a yoga instructor for 18 years. She has taught in Washington State and Southern California. Her teaching style is one that lets everyone who enters her class feel accomplished and stretched. She teaches a flow yoga class and specializes in Trap Yoga, where you move your hips to the beat of the music. Any class you attend, you’re sure to get a good experience as her classes are for EVERY BODY!

halle hutchison
kris rooke

Kris has been a fitness professional for more than half of her life. During her two cancer diagnoses, she found and incorporated yoga into her instructor fitness programming. Kris own a fitness franchise in Bellevue and serves as the director of fitness for a national Professional Fitness Coaching company based in Seattle. Kris’s view on fitness has always been to live life as an active participant that makes healthy choices while being of service. 

halle hutchison
Denise Geroux

Coach Denise Geroux is the owner of Coach Denise Bodyworks, LLC. – offering functional personal training, group exercise classes, triathlon training, martial arts training and bodywork in modalities of massage therapy, The Feldenkrais Method, and more. Coach Denise brings a playful enthusiasm for educating her clients and students with humor, precision and a mastery of human body mechanics in action. Coach Denise – a.k.a. “The Swiss Army Knife of Trainers” – brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all she does. When she is not leading classes and training clients, she loves chasing her cat Izzy or getting out hiking and climbing trees.

halle hutchison
Sellyna Ehlers

Sellyna is an avid dancer and has been dancing all her life. With the introduction of Zumba in the 1990’s, Sellyna found an outlet for her energy and she is passionate about teaching Zumba because it provides people with one hour where they can lose themselves and still get all the benefits of exercise. To Sellyna, Zumba is much more than an exercise class. It provides students with a way to relieve stress, meet new friends and form new communities. Sellyna’s choice of music reflects this too. Sellyna’s journey to teaching Zumba started in Riverside, California and she is certified to teach Zumba and Zumba Gold.

Sellyna has a bachelor’s degree in Women Studies and has a full-time job at the University of Washington as the Director of Human Resources, Equity and Inclusion. Before COVID-19, she also taught Zumba at the YMCA, Greenlake Fitness and University Heights Community Center and loves the students and the Zumba community.

halle hutchison
LaTaunya Witherspoon

Owner and Founder of SpoonFed Training, LaTaunya is an Alumni of Washington State University where she received a B.A. in Sociology and M.A. in Elementary Education; she is also a former track and field athlete. With over 14+ years of experience in fitness and sports, she developed a natural passion for supporting others on their health and wellness journey. As a small business owner, customer satisfaction is LaTaunya’s top priority; she has received many awards with recognition for her commitment to excellence, skills, and community support.

halle hutchison
Mary Gomez Camba

“Stories are what inspire humans to move outside their comfort zone and accomplish great things.” Driven by a zeal to merge her passions, visual storytelling and business strategy, Mary founded ‘The Think Visual Project’ to teach founders of small and micro businesses how to bring an idea to life in a more thoughtful and purpose-driven way.

While following her dreams, a serendipitous event persuaded her to redirect her efforts in a wholly unexpected direction. Mary will share a sneak peek of her upcoming book describing her life-changing experiences and perhaps inspire us – as she was once inspired, to write our survival stories.

Mary is a master photographer, business coach, and a youth visual storytelling mentor.  She has given a TED talk on the magic of serendipity and how, ultimately, we have the power to write our stories by getting involved and taking action. Her talk, “You Decide What Happens Next” can be found on YouTube.

halle hutchison
Kimberly A. Kelly

Kimberly is a graduate of the University of Washington, Washington business owner, two-time breast cancer survivor, trained musician and sound bowl practitioner. She was first diagnosed in 2006 and during this time she discovered that it was easier to relax and meditate to the healing sounds of singing bowls. The beautiful vibrational sounds helped her with tension, anxiety, focus and an overall wellbeing. Kimberly found that listening to the sound bowls being played also helps ease mental and emotional pain. She is passionate about playing her bowls for the many benefits that they provide.

In her free time she likes to kiteboard, travel, play piano and hike with her dog.

halle hutchison
Kim Brasfield

Kim Brasfield has been a personal trainer since 2001. She joined Team Survivor Northwest in 2007 as our Triathlon Coach and spent five years working with women who have had a cancer diagnosis to prepare them for the rigorous physical experience of a triathlon. Kim then set out to pursue a major goal of her own: completing 3 Half Ironman races. Kim returned to TSNW in 2015 as a fitness instructor – she currently teaches our Monday Interval Training online class. Kim is active in her personal life – having completed numerous half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks. She loves working with the inspiring members of Team Survivor and calls her current role as a “dream come true.”

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