Yoga (Virtual)

5:30pm Tuesdays. Instructor: Katherine.
This is a nurturing practice with movement focusing on poses and sequences designed to decrease anxiety and increase lymph node flow. The yoga in this class is gentle and participants can put as much or as little energy into it as they desire. Everyone is welcome. Class held via Zoom.

5:30 pm
Instructor: Katherine Boury

Instructor: Katherine Boury

Yoga came into Katherine Boury's world almost 20 years ago to help heal the injuries from a car accident, and she has been a regular practitioner ever since. Katherine completed her yoga training and registered with Yoga Alliance RYT 200 in 2016. She has done additional training in Yin and Restorative Yoga along with yoga4cancer. She teaches Yin, Restorative, Flow, yoga4cancer and sometimes yoga with puppies. Katherine believes it is an honor to be teaching yoga and values of the benefit of yoga to strengthen both the body and the mind. She believes that with the continued practice of yoga that which no longer serves us begins to fall away and allows us to live more authentically. Katherine is also a cancer survivor and teaches yoga classes for cancer patients and survivors. Additional training includes: Mindfulness Without Borders (2021-2022), Mindful Self Compassion, 8 Limbs (2020), Anatomy for Teacher Training, Shakti Yoga Studios (2019), Restorative Teacher Training (2018) and Yin Yoga Immersion, 8 Limbs (2018).

Explanation of Graphics


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Flexibility: Ability to move joints well enough to prevent injury through a full range of motion.

cardio icon of figure running on treadmill

Aerobics: Increases breathing and heart rate; also known as “cardio.”

balance icon

Balance: Encourages functional movement to prevent falls. Important for safety, especially if experiencing neuropathy.

strength icon

Strength: Increases coordination and ability to move weight — bodyweight or other. Form is always more important than weight!


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Very Low: Focused on moving slowly and breathing deeply. An excellent starting point or a restorative activity to combine with other workouts.

flexibility icon of figure stretching
Low: Involves light activity that doesn’t feel hard; it may not change your breathing pattern or make you sweat.
flexibility icon of figure stretching

Moderate: Gets your heart pumping but will generally allow you to carry on a normal conversation.

flexibility icon of figure stretching

High: Requires endurance and may be intense enough that normal conversation may not be possible.

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