Move to Heal (In Person)

If you are new to exercise or returning to activity during or after recent treatment, this is a fun way to gently build and maintain strength! This low- to moderate-intensity class is designed to meet the specific needs of its members – LaTaunya is highly skilled at providing modifications to customize the workout for those who want an extra push, or for those who need a bit less intensity. Move to Heal includes all 4 basic fitness components: cardiorespiratory exercise, resistance exercise, flexibility exercise, and neuromotor exercise (for balance).

2000 Benson Rd S #183, Renton, WA 98055
Instructor: LaTaunya Witherspoon

Instructor: LaTaunya Witherspoon

Owner and Founder of SpoonFed Training, LaTaunya is also a former track and field athlete with over 14+ years of experience in fitness and sports. Through her own love of training, she developed a natural passion for supporting others on their health and wellness journey. As a small business owner, customer satisfaction is LaTaunya’s top priority; she has received many awards with recognition for her commitment to excellence, skills, and community support.

Explanation of Graphics


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Flexibility: Ability to move joints well enough to prevent injury through a full range of motion.

cardio icon of figure running on treadmill

Aerobics: Increases breathing and heart rate; also known as “cardio.”

balance icon

Balance: Encourages functional movement to prevent falls. Important for safety, especially if experiencing neuropathy.

strength icon

Strength: Increases coordination and ability to move weight — bodyweight or other. Form is always more important than weight!


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Very Low: Focused on moving slowly and breathing deeply. An excellent starting point or a restorative activity to combine with other workouts.

flexibility icon of figure stretching
Low: Involves light activity that doesn’t feel hard; it may not change your breathing pattern or make you sweat.
flexibility icon of figure stretching

Moderate: Gets your heart pumping but will generally allow you to carry on a normal conversation.

flexibility icon of figure stretching

High: Requires endurance and may be intense enough that normal conversation may not be possible.

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