Water Aerobics (In Person)

Water Aerobics is a fun, low-impact pool workout designed to increase strength, flexibility, and heart health. Water aerobics classes are great for joints and can be uniquely “lymphedema friendly” due to the pressure of the water. Wear a swimsuit and bring a towel and whatever you need to change after a swimming class.  All pool equipment will be provided. Participants will be able to access the locker rooms at Samena before and after class. Safety Prerequisite: Participants must be able to perform a basic squat and lunge in order to safety enter and exit the pool.

15231 Lake Hills Blvd, Bellevue, WA 98007
Instructor: Marianne Taylor

Instructor: Marianne Taylor

Marianne Taylor, CPT, is a personal trainer and fitness instructor with over 20 years of experience. Marianne specializes in cancer rehab, post-injury rehabilitation, pregnancy and post-partum therapies, and more. Her specialty is helping clients of all ages start or restart their fitness journey. Marianne will take you from where you are today to where you want to go.

Explanation of Graphics


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Flexibility: Ability to move joints well enough to prevent injury through a full range of motion.

cardio icon of figure running on treadmill

Aerobics: Increases breathing and heart rate; also known as “cardio.”

balance icon

Balance: Encourages functional movement to prevent falls. Important for safety, especially if experiencing neuropathy.

strength icon

Strength: Increases coordination and ability to move weight — bodyweight or other. Form is always more important than weight!


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Very Low: Focused on moving slowly and breathing deeply. An excellent starting point or a restorative activity to combine with other workouts.

flexibility icon of figure stretching
Low: Involves light activity that doesn’t feel hard; it may not change your breathing pattern or make you sweat.
flexibility icon of figure stretching

Moderate: Gets your heart pumping but will generally allow you to carry on a normal conversation.

flexibility icon of figure stretching

High: Requires endurance and may be intense enough that normal conversation may not be possible.

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