Ejercico para Sanar (en español – virtual)

Ejercico para Sanar es la primera clase en español que ofrecerá TSNW. Esta clase es gratis y se lleva a cabo a través de Zoom. Manténgase activa desde casa. Sobrevivientes de cáncer deben empezar con ejercicios que contengan los siguientes elementos: cardio, resistencia, flexibilidad y equilibrio. Esta clase tiene todo lo usted necesita. Esta es una clase de intensidad baja a media. No se necesita experiencia. Una vez que usted se registre recibirá la liga y clave de Zoom para unirse semanalmente a la clase. La misma liga servirá cada semana.

7:30 PM
Instructor: Maria Rico

Instructor: Maria Rico

As a Cancer Exercise Specialist & Fitness Instructor, Maria recognizes the good that movement can do for physical health and wellness, but also what it can do for the soul. Maria believes fitness connects the mind to the body and dance makes fitness much more fun. Maria's work today revolves around fitness, dance, and Colombian culture. Maria provides free indoor and outdoor Colombian dance lessons through a grant from Seattle Parks and Recreation and teaches a blend of Colombian, African, Indigenous and European dance. This multicultural offering inspires many to learn about different countries and travel the world. Maria is thrilled to be leading Team Survivor’s very first fitness class taught in Spanish, Ejercicio Para Sanar! Maria's work helps all ages burn energy, release stress, socialize, improve coordination, memorize steps and patterns, and develop a sense of rhythm. Maria works with all age groups, ethnicities, genders, and abilities.

Explanation of Graphics


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Flexibility: Ability to move joints well enough to prevent injury through a full range of motion.

cardio icon of figure running on treadmill

Aerobics: Increases breathing and heart rate; also known as “cardio.”

balance icon

Balance: Encourages functional movement to prevent falls. Important for safety, especially if experiencing neuropathy.

strength icon

Strength: Increases coordination and ability to move weight — bodyweight or other. Form is always more important than weight!


flexibility icon of figure stretching

Very Low: Focused on moving slowly and breathing deeply. An excellent starting point or a restorative activity to combine with other workouts.

flexibility icon of figure stretching
Low: Involves light activity that doesn’t feel hard; it may not change your breathing pattern or make you sweat.
flexibility icon of figure stretching

Moderate: Gets your heart pumping but will generally allow you to carry on a normal conversation.

flexibility icon of figure stretching

High: Requires endurance and may be intense enough that normal conversation may not be possible.

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