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TSNW Staff

Jennefer Boyer, MPH

Executive Director

Jennefer has been with Team Survivor since 2019. Her background is in public health, with 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She received her Master of Public Health degree from NYU’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Her work with nonprofit organizations, such as the World Health Organization, has taken her on a journey of living and working abroad in countries including France, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya and DR Congo. While working as the Special Assistant to the President at Catholic Medical Mission Board, a world-wide nonprofit organization based in New York City, she was responsible for the creation and management of the Global Strategic Plan and the Execution Plan.

When children (now ages 8-11) became the center of her life, Jennefer settled in the Seattle area and became a consultant for smaller nonprofit organizations and served on various nonprofit boards. In recognition of her volunteer efforts in adoption work, she was presented with a Congressional Award in Washington, DC. She speaks English and French and enjoys swimming, running and reading nonfiction, but her passion for TSNW is what ignites her enthusiasm most of all.

Beatriz Palacio

Office Manager

Beatriz joined Team Survivor in June 2019. She has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. In her career, she has done office management work for companies like HSBC, Citi Group and Colonial Life. With her experience implementing information technology solutions, her expertise has been put straight to use at TSNW. Beatriz is an organizer and loves planning events like galas and retreats. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and a good listener, ready to help wherever needed with a smile on her face. When she isn’t at work, she enjoys volunteering and spending time with her family, including her 10-year-old daughter.

Rachel DeMeester, MPH

Program Manager

Rachel has a master’s degree in Public Health from Brown University and a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. She is passionate about practical strategies to help people lead healthier lives—like the programs at TSNW. She loves that TSNW is dedicated to building community and removing barriers to exercising when women really need the support. Both individual- and system-level behavior changes are vital, and Rachel has extensive experience in both. Past positions in fitness include personal trainer, water aerobics instructor, and physical therapy aide. In healthcare, she has helped many organizations implement quality programs with a special focus on equity, including improving tobacco cessation training and outreach, implementing medical records, reducing racial disparities in care, and examining how payers can pay for care differently to improve clinical outcomes.

Rachel speaks English and Spanish and enjoys modern dance, running, swimming, and lifting weights. As an adult she was always active but has a better appreciation after children of the mental and physical barriers and benefits to working out. She is delighted to be part of the TSNW team to learn from members and support their connection and health.

TSNW Board

lisa black
Lisa Black - President

Lisa Black is a 10-year cancer survivor. She retired from Intel in 2016 after 17 years working as an engineering manager, program manager and senior operations manager. Prior to that she worked for various software companies delivering commercial software. Lisa has a BA in Anthropology from Wellesley College and a Masters degree from Seattle University in Software Engineering. Since retiring, Lisa has immersed herself in the non profit world, currently serving on two boards that connect to her passions. She considers it a privilege to be able to work for her favorite causes. Lisa joined TSNW as a member in 2010, has served as a volunteer for the Fall Gala for several years, Dragon Boat Captain for two years and is now delighted to be able to continue to support TSNW as President. She believes that joining TSNW is the silver lining in the dark cloud of cancer. She is also on the board for Seattle Club SAKE Dragon Boat Club as treasurer, as a result of her involvement in the Survivor SAKE Dragon Boat Team. She has no children and currently resides in Maple Valley with her life partner Bob Sterzinger and their two cats.

lynn prunhuber
Lynn Prunhuber - Vice President

Lynn Prunhuber has been a member of Team Survivor Northwest since 2013. She is a breast cancer survivor, a retired attorney, and an avid hiker and gardener. As her sweetheart says, the bad news is that Lynn had breast cancer. The good news is that she has a midweek hiking group that she loves. This group of strong, active cancer-surviving women is an inspiration to Lynn.

The midweek hiking group brought Lynn into Team Survivor Northwest. But then those enthusiastic dragon boaters sang their siren song at the 2014 retreat, and the Mt. Adams fundraiser climb also hooked her.

Lynn credits the medical studies showing that women cancer survivors who exercise have lower recurrence rates, but the real reason she is out there hiking and dragon boating is that it is fun and the women she has met through TSNW are amazing.

Lynn joined TSNW’s board early in 2015. She hopes her work with TSNW’s amazing staff and board will help TSNW continue its great work.

Vicki Katzman - Treasurer
abbe jacobson
Abbe Jacobson, MPA - Secretary

Abbe Jacobson is a 19-year cancer survivor committed to fitness and an active lifestyle. Prior to joining the TSNW Board, Abbe worked for two years as the organization’s Outreach Manager. Abbe has worked as a Health Coach for more than a decade and recently obtained national board certification through the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. She owns and operates her own coaching business, providing virtual health coaching nationwide.

Abbe has spent most of her adult life encouraging women to prioritize their health and she is passionate about TSNW’s mission of providing free fitness to women cancer survivors. Abbe holds a BA in Political Science from Kenyon College (OH) and an MPA in Public Policy and Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (NY). Abbe is the proud Mom of two young adults, Sam and Ellie, and savors time with her husband, Curtis, and their dog, Charlie.

jaime reavis
Jaimie Reavis
Jaimie Reavis is a transplant to the Pacific NW from Arizona, where she grew up riding her bike, hiking, and swimming. She moved to Seattle to attend graduate school for urban planning at the University of Washington. As an urban planner since 2005, she has a passion for active transportation – walking and bicycling – and encouraging development of healthy communities. During breast cancer treatment she gained a better understanding of what kinds of activities feed her soul – getting outside and exploring, experiencing new things, appreciating everyday moments of wonder. In Team Survivor Northwest she has found a community of supportive and amazing women and a venue to build physical and emotional strength.
jaime reavis
Jan fitzpatrick

Jan lives with her husband, Jim, on Capitol Hill where they raised their two sons. They enjoy many outdoor activities, including biking, hiking, kayaking, backpacking, and snow activities – whatever gets them outside! During Jan’s cancer treatment and recovery, she was extremely grateful for Team Survivor Northwest. The positive upbeat camaraderie with focus on fitness was exactly what she needed. Now she is paying it back by helping Team Survivor as a board member.

Jan’s education includes a degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington, along with certifications in computer systems, project management, and business analysis. She spent over 30 years at REI, mostly in IT project management. Volunteer work includes helping The Mountaineers and Hanford Challenge, a watchdog organization dedicated to the safe cleanup of the Hanford nuclear site. In her spare time she enjoys participating in Team Survivor activities and connecting with Team Survivor members.

halle hutchison
Allison Delong

Allison is a Seattle native; a city girl with small town roots in the state of Maine. She has spent the past 25 years working in commercial property management primarily as an office tower manager in downtown Seattle. She has served on many nonprofit boards and has been an invaluable addition to Team Survivor’s gala committee for the past two years. Allison and husband are parents to a high school junior and are practicing to become empty-nesters. She learned of TSNW through 8 years of dragon boating with Club SAKE. While not herself a survivor, she is the fortunate daughter of one and is happy to help support TSNW’s mission.

jaime reavis
Jo Gartenberg

Jo has been a Team Survivor member for several years and is our newest board member. She grew up outside of Boston MA, has lived in Philly, DC, Redmond, London and now resides in Bellevue. Jo’s background is customer driven focused. She has worked for several Associations in Membership and has volunteered at her children’s schools, parent councils and non-profit organizations. She is currently working part time in a non-technical capacity for a regional computer IT-company.

In Dec. 2017, Jo was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, discovered by a routine mammogram. Wanting to continue an active lifestyle, Jo looked to TSNW Active Women/Healthy Women classes during chemo for a positive place to stay fit, strong and supported. In January 2019, she signed up to climb Mt. Adams at TSNW’s annual retreat, joined forces with the Midweek Hiking group to train, and summited Mt. Adams in July.

Jo and her husband recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and have three boys ages 24, 21, and 19. In addition to participating in TSNW fitness classes, Jo loves to play tennis, hike with her dogs, and travel with her family. “Being active has been a vital component- both physically and mentally – to my recovery. TSNW has been a silver lining in my journey and I feel passionate about giving back and encouraging others.”

jaime reavis
Jennifer Willner

I’m really happy to be a part of the Board of Directors for Team Survivor Northwest. I’m motivated to help this organization fulfill its Mission and to find creative ways to serve our members in their fitness and wellness journeys.

I’m a Mom to two daughters, ages 15 and 19. We are all Sagittarians, what are the odds? I’ve been married to my wife Mickey Terrana (a Gemini hah) for 3 years but we’ve been together for 16. We live in Bellingham but Mickey works part-time at REI in Seattle. We like to ride bikes. Before Cancer, I participated in a couple of charity rides but I’m mostly a bike around towner.

I became a member of TSNW when I was going through treatment for breast cancer three years ago. I went to the TSNW Retreat this past February and it was so life changing and life affirming and fitness focused that I was looking for ways to be more involved with TSNW. I also just completed the TSNW Duathlon! I’ve never done a ‘thlon before so I’m super proud of myself.

Right now, I’m a labor and employment attorney. I plan to retire at the end of this year to focus on my third act and personal passion, being a fitness instructor and personal trainer for older adults at the Whatcom Family YMCA. I’m looking forward to meeting more members via Zoom and hopefully, COVID permitting, at TSNW in-person events.

jaime reavis
Genet Gebru

A native of Ethiopia, Genet fell in love with nonprofits and community building when she was only a teenager. Inspired by a summer youth program by Seattle Youth Employment Program, Genet quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. This resolve stuck with her throughout college, leading to involvement in charitable organizations throughout the Seattle area and later becoming a Founder and Executive Director of a Youth Mentorship, along with Women’s Health and Wellness Programs, where she develops, delivers and manages local, national and international organizations for underserved communities throughout King County, Denver, CO and her Country of origin, Ethiopia.

Her current work focuses on the care of cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy, Preoperative and Post-Operative Care, on a Medical Surgical Oncology floor for UW Medicine. An advocate for health and wellness through exercise, Genet plays a critical role for the livelihood of her patients and community members. Her direct in/out patient care gives her foresight of a holistic approach for sustaining the well-being of cancer survivors and she is pursuing specialization in this field of nursing practice. Genet believes in tackling the challenges, restoration of self-worth, strength and providing a community of true support for members of Team Survivor Northwest. 

From a multicultural background, Genet is proficient in several languages, Amharic and Tigrigna being among them. When she’s not diving into all things non-profit, Genet spends her free time hiking, running and enjoying the beautiful waters with her mother, son and daughter. 

Medical Advisory Board

  • Julie Gralow MD
  • Kristine Rinn MD
  • Ann McTiernan MD PhD
  • Denise Bundow, ARNP
  • Sandi Johnson MSW
  • Hannah Linden MD
  • Kristi Harrington MD PhD
  • Mary Heffernan ARNP
  • Janice Connolly MD FHM
  • Kim Dammann RN
  • Patricia Dawson MD
  • Lexi Harlow PT
  • Katie Fitzmaurice

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