Come join us on the trails!

If you are a new hiker you might consider our easier Introduction to Hiking, while more experienced hikers will enjoy our mid-week hikes at various beautiful destinations. Please read below for information on both programs. 

For more information and to join a Hiking program, contact our Outreach Manager at (206) 732-8350 or outreach@teamsurvivornw.org.

To get ready for a hike, read our Hiking Checklist blog

Midweek Hikes:

Midweek Hikes run every Wednesday from April through September with hikes in the Issaquah Alps, I-90 corridor and Snoqualmie Pass area, North Cascades and Mt. Rainier National Park.

Midweek hikes are trail hikes in the mountains, which means you will see some beautiful scenery.  It also means that they are more challenging than walking in the city.  These hikes are progressive; we start with easier hikes and work up to longer distances and more elevation gain as we get further into the season.

If you are thinking of hiking with us, it’s best to start in spring so that you can work up to the more challenging hikes that happen later on in the year. 


June Hikes:

6/7: Lake 22 (5.4 m/1550 ft. gain)

6/14: Annette Lake (7 m/1700 ft. gain)

6/21: Mason Lake (6 m/2550 ft. gain) with possible Mt. Defiance extension

6/28: Talapus and Ollalie Lakes (6.2 m/1250 ft. gain)


July Hikes:

7/5: Talus Loop or Teneriffe Falls, Mount Si (5-7 m/1450 ft. gain)

7/12: Beckler Peak (7.4 m/2263 ft. gain)

7/19: Lake Valhalla via Smithbrook Trail (7 m/1500 ft. gain)

7/26: Skyscraper Peak (8.5 m/1100 ft. gain) or Fremont Lookout (5.6 m/800 ft. gain), Mt. Rainier


August Hikes:

8/2: Lake Serene (8.2 m/2000 ft. gain)

8/9: Snow Lake (8 m/1800 ft. gain)

 8/16: Mount Pilchuck (5.5 m/2300 ft. gain)

8/23: Lake Lillian/Twin Lakes (9 m/2000 ft. gain)

8/30: Summerland (8.6 m/1950 ft. gain), Mt. Rainier


September Hikes:

9/6: Melakwa Lake (9 m/2500 ft. gain)

9/13: Mirror Lake on PCT from Windy Pass (8 m/1500 ft. gain)

9/20: Taylor River and Otter Falls (10 m/800 ft. gain)

9/27: Kendall Katwalk (13 m/2600 ft. gain)










NEW Introduction to Hiking Series:

There are two more hikes in this series. See below for more information.

Want to go hiking but you can’t go midweek? Want to go hiking but you don’t feel you are in good enough shape? Are you concerned that the hikes are too long, too steep or you can’t keep up? We have the program for you! It’s a perfect introduction to the mountains.

All of these hikes are: 

– at a comfortable pace

-with not too much distance

-not too steep

BUT, they will have

– beautiful scenery

– spectacular views

-wonderful company

July 8: Little Si, North Bend (5 miles, 1200 ft. elevation gain).

August 5: Naches Peak Loop at Mount Rainier (3.2 miles, 650 ft. elevation gain).  

No matter what your goals, we can probably get you there, but it will be safer and more enjoyable if you start at the right place.  Our Outreach Manager can help you figure out the right level of challenge for you.

If you would like more information or to be added to the Midweek Hike interest list, contact our Outreach Manager at outreach@teamsurvivornw.org