Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a great fitness workout for people who are looking for a fun physical activity and maximum health benefits combined with convenience.  It is not just for those who like to walk, run, or hike.  It is for anyone who enjoys activities such as cross-country skiing, swimming, rowing and paddling that engage the entire body in highly rhythmic, flowing, powerful movement.  It is performed with specially designed Nordic walking poles (not ski poles or hiking/trekking poles).  Compared to walking, Nordic walking can be significantly more effective at strengthening the cardiovascular system and building total-body strength. Because Nordic walking engages the total body in movement against resistance, the calories burned by Nordic walking can be much greater than the calories burned by walking.

Nordic walking is a year-round TSNW program built around instructional clinics and regular group Nordic walks. Persons interested in Nordic walking can take a clinic (equipment provided) to learn the basics. And, then they can participate in group Nordic walks to build upon their basic skills and enjoy Nordic walking with other TSNW Nordic walkers. These group walks alternate between the Westside and Eastside.  Currently there are Nordic walks on Thursday morning from 10:30 am to 12 noon.

If you are interested in learning to Nordic walk and joining in on the fun of group Nordic walks, please contact our Outreach Manager in the TSNW office at (206) 732-8350 or