Survivor Stories

Jean, Survivor since 2003

“When I was told I had cancer I didn’t know where to turn, who to talk to–none of my friends had this experience.Years later I learned about Team Survivor and their Dragon Boat Festival and joined immediately. It was a great opportunity to be with other survivors providing understanding, encouragement and support. I wanted to be with others empowered to take on their illness—proving they can do it.”



Ester, Cancer SurvivorEsther, Survivor since 2005

“When  I learned I had cancer,it set me reeling. The doctor told me I had bladder cancer, needed surgery and then walked out of the exam room. Needless to say, I was scared. I’m a three quarters glass full person, positive, active, and like to have fun. I heard about Team Survivor and got involved. I joined a group no one wants to join, yet I’m grateful to be a part of. Team Survivor members are the most in- credible women I’ve met.We can count on one another to be there no matter what. Knowing there are women who believe in you–and are always there to remind you that you can do it, has made all the difference.”


Katrina, Cancer SurvivorKatrina, Survivor since 2007

“ When I learned I had cancer, my world changed. The hardest part was thinking about telling my family. I’ve always put others first. I wondered if they could make it without me. Then, I realized people with this make it all the time. That’s when I decided to join Team Survivor Northwest. Exercise was foreign to me but I knew it was important to good health. The exercise programs and activities I participated in helped me to see that I am not a victim but someone who could overcome this awful disease.”



Myling, Cancer SurvivorMayang, Survivor since 2009

“When I heard the news I had cancer, I was shocked and frightened. It was the last thing I expected. I had always been healthy, athletic and ate well. It was devastating. I was deeply depressed. I had a family to care for. Then, I learned about Team Survivor. In spite of my fear of water, I wanted to do a triathlon. With free training and great member support every step of the way, I was not only able to overcome my fears, I finished my first triathlon! I’m a different person now. Cancer can open doors and it lead to Team Survivor. Without them, I would not have dared to do what I’m doing today.They have offered me hope and health and, most importantly, a deeper knowledge that I can do it.”


Susan, Cancer SurvivorSusan, Survivor since 2001

“Some time after treatment, I met Team Survivor’s Cancer Exercise Specialist at an event. She convinced me to join a class. Eight weeks after my nephrectomy, I couldn’t do even 3 minutes on a recumbent bike. I wasn’t sure I could ever do much. Team Survivor worked slowly but surely to build me up. I began training to do a half- marathon. I walked six miles the first training session, pushing my granddaughter in her stroller,  I realized that if I could do six, I could do 13 miles. Exhausted, I crossed the finish line in my first half-marathon and flung my arms up in the air as everyone around me was screaming. I realized in that euphoric moment “O my God, I can do this and if I can do this, I can do anything.”


Gina, Cancer SurvivorGina, Survivor since 2006

“When I learned I had cancer, I was 22, in school, and had just been crowned Miss West Seattle. Life was great. I was frightened and felt alone. No one in my circle had been touched by cancer. I joined a Dragon Boat crew and while at a race saw a boat with all these ladies paddling away.When I learned that they were Team Survivor Members, I went to their website and joined. Whenever I spend time with them there’s a sense of camaraderie, understanding, support and accountability I can’t get from others in my social network. We are a band of sisters united by a common past, a desire to create an abundant future, and the knowledge that together we can do it.”


Sandra, Cancer SurvivorSandra, Survivor since 2009

“Following my breast cancer diagnosis I had a mastectomy. After everything was done, I wanted to get whole again, back to wellness and so, I searched online for resources. That’s where I learned about Team Survivor. I contacted them and a week later, became a member. I never really exercised before and was anxious about the idea. But I knew I needed to get my body moving and just as important, get my family moving on a healthier path. I wanted them to know if I could do it, they could do it. Now, I’m an advocate for others in my community.”



Sharon, Cancer SurvivorSharon, Survivor since 2006

“I wanted to do a triathlon but after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I put the idea on hold. A friend suggested I join Team Survivor. They offered the training, resources and support I needed to actually accomplish my goal—maybe. I was terrified of the water and unsure whether or not I could actually do a triathlon. Practice swims with other survivors helped build my confidence. When I came out of the water, my coach excitedly came up and exclaimed “you did it.” A copy of the course description and my finisher medal hangs  on my wall to remind me every time I pass by that “I did it!”