Hiking Checklist

Clothing and equipment checklist

This list applies to all hiking programs: Urban, Mid-week, and Weekend hikes.

-Plenty of water. (At least one quart for a shorter hike; two for longer hikes.)
-Lunch with high energy food such as peanut butter sandwich, trailmix, dried fruit, etc.
-A comfortable backpack.
-Raingear – always have a poncho or rain jacket in your pack.
-Rain pants are also recommended.
-Sturdy shoes with good tread
-Hat for sun and rain protection
-Walking sticks (optional) A walking stick can help with balance and in going downhill if you have bad knees. Many people use two walking sticks when they hike.
-Dress in comfortable layers – cotton is not a good fabric for hiking. If you can, try to wear quick dry shirts and pants. Jeans are not recommended on any hikes because they are heavy, chafe easily and stay wet for a long time.